The Media School Nepal is a media-project at the Jade University of Applied Science in Wilhelmshaven and at the Kathmandu University. Journalism students from both countries are working together on an online blog.

Studentische Exkursion nach Nepal

Nepal, ein fremdes und kontroverses Land. Eine Exkursion führt Studierende der Jade Hochschule nach Kathmandu. Grund war die Media School Nepal Germany. Neben dem erstellen von journalistischen Inhalten für den Blog, sollten die Studierenden auch Land, Leute und das nepalesische Mediensystems kennenlernen. Besonders die unterschiedliche Kultur hat ihre Spuren hinterlassen.


The Nepal Newsletter

Watch out The Nepal Newsletter from October 24th until November 7th in 2016. You will find all relevant news in this timeframe in this newsletter. The sources were HIMAL Southasian, The Kathmandu Post, The Nepali Times and The Himalayan Times.


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Because of their love for Radio

“It is all about the passion for radio”, expounds Karsten Hoeft, the deputy editor in chief and music editor of the radio station Radio Jade, located in Wilhelmshaven. He continues and explains, that “people who are working here are poorly paid, even if they have studied. Even a kindergarten teacher gets a better payment.” But why are journalists working at this radio station? Hoeft points out: “We have a lot of independence.”



From the Mountains to the Ocean

The Media School Nepal is a collaboration between Kathmandu University (KU) from Nepal and Jade University of Applied Science (JHS) from Germany. The first cross-cutting work started in the summer of 2016. Students from Nepal and Germany are working together on an online blog about their project, press freedom in both the countries and the contrast of press and education in the both parts of the world. The first exchange was commenced in Germany in summer 2016, while the next exchange will be organized in Nepal this February...



A Tiny Old Newsroom

Close to the downtown area of the small town Jever, located in the north-west of Germany, stands a white building. Behind his white painted wooden entrance door is the reception of the news editorial Jeversche Wochenblatt (JeWo; Weekly Paper of Jever). The editorial director Helmut Burlager – a tall man in his late fifties – guides us down the hallway, through the storage room, to the old printing and publishing room – now, it is also kind of a storage room. A bunch of chairs were prepared for us...



Dressing up, drinking beer and sitting under a tree

The Republic of Germany is a young democracy in the centre of Europe. After the Second World War was Germany separated in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. But the second one was just a shame democracy. The reunification of Germany was on the 3rd October 1990 and is called the Day of German Unity – a legal public holiday...